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I’m back!!

It’s been too long. I have been blogging on my personal blog, but not on my k-pop blog. I have a lot to say about comebacks this year. I decided that I will not put myself on a set schedule. I will be reblogging a LOT more than I used to. Thanks for everyone who stuck with me :) Follow my personal blog if you’d like, I follow back hereliesviolethill


Overlooked K-Pop Song: MBLAQ- Be A Man

One of the best comebacks of 2014. I am in love with this song. The guitar picking fits perfectly with the soft vocals. It’s nice to see a concept that isn’t ‘sexy’ from both male and female groups this year. MBLAQ’s comeback reminded of how talented they are. This song is a breath of fresh air. Well done!

Side note: Thunder looks so mature!! Am I the only one who thinks this?