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I’m back!!

It’s been too long. I have been blogging on my personal blog, but not on my k-pop blog. I have a lot to say about comebacks this year. I decided that I will not put myself on a set schedule. I will be reblogging a LOT more than I used to. Thanks for everyone who stuck with me :) Follow my personal blog if you’d like, I follow back hereliesviolethill


Overlooked K-Pop Song: MBLAQ- Be A Man

One of the best comebacks of 2014. I am in love with this song. The guitar picking fits perfectly with the soft vocals. It’s nice to see a concept that isn’t ‘sexy’ from both male and female groups this year. MBLAQ’s comeback reminded of how talented they are. This song is a breath of fresh air. Well done!

Side note: Thunder looks so mature!! Am I the only one who thinks this?


5 Random Facts About Me Tag

1. I am in love with Blogilates!

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3. I’ve only had one boyfriend (And he was Korean, ironic eh? :p)

4. My favourite show is currently Lost and Arrested Development (Talk about these shows with me here ^-^)

5. Erythropoetic Protoporphyria, don’t know what it is? Most people don’t…

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bella7632 asked: I just heard that song A Good Man by Bigbang and I love it

I’m glad you love it as much as I do ^-^



Overlooked K-Pop Song #34: Big Bang- A Good Man

First time I heard this song, I fell in love with it. The Spanish guitar, instantly drew me in. A Good Man focuses on GD and TOP’s rap, more than powerful vocals. It doesn’t really have a peak like other songs from this album (Haru Haru). But is amazing anyways. I would really like to see Big Bang perform this live in 2013, even though the chances of this happening are slim. Everyone should check out Big Bang’s "A Good Man!"



Overlooked K-Pop Song #33: 2NE1- I’m Busy

Listening to 2NE1’s album yesterday, reminded me of how much I love, “I’m Busy”. Every time I hear this song, I want to get up and dance(and I do). CL’s rap is flawless. The singing is great, and is auto-tuned at the right parts. “I’m Busy” could have easily been a single for them. I would’ve loved to see what kind of music video they would have produced. But, I guess I must settle to listening to the song! Everyone should check out 2NE1’s, “I’m Busy!”



Comeback Countdown: A-JAX (Finale)

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the how late this review is. My internet was acting up all weekend, and when I submitted it to Kari it must not have gone through correctly. However, my original review was pretty harsh, so I have to say that it was a fortunate mistake, because this song really grew on me.

Insane features our maknae Sungyeob as the patient undergoing hypnosis, but instead of curing him of his malady, it incites fits of - you guessed it - insanity. He begins to have hallucinations of the other members, who reside in colorful rooms through which they can connect to Sungyeob in his delirious state. Because of the nature of the concept, nothing that happens really makes sense, but visually it’s a pretty interesting and cool-looking video. However, without any particular sense of storyline or an idea of what’s going on, it occasionally fails to keep the viewer’s attention.

The song took me a while to warm up to. My original criticisms were that the song as a whole was too busy and that none of the parts connected to form a cohesive song. To be honest, upon subsequent listens, I have no idea why I thought that. In fact, I think the contrast between the 90s-sounding verses and the chorus contributes to the success of the song as a whole. My only complaint is that most parts of the song remain relatively static; even the buildup chorus isn’t particularly powerful. (Also I would have liked to see my boy Seungjin get a bigger rap part, but that’s just me.)

On top of that, the music and the video work together remarkably well, and it’s nice to see A-JAX doing a story-based music video like back in the days of Never Let Go. After less than three weeks, Insane already has more views than Hot Game, and all things considered, it’s for good reason.

Upon second consideration, I give this comeback a 7.5/10.